Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Nice mice?

We've just had a mouse in the house. Luckily we seem to have only had ONE lone ranger, who has now been caught (and dispatched). It's made me feel uncomfortable in the room we found it. I know it's tiny and not in any way a threat, but there's something about the speed they move and the unpredictability of their habits. 

When singing this week though, I noticed just how many rhymes have mice in them- nice mice too! Think about Three Blind Mice (though they come to a grizzly end), Hickory Dickory Dock and squeaking mice in Old MacDonald. I suppose it's only relatively recently that we have been able to live separately from mice, and they used to be a part of everyday life for most people. My little boy, who's four, has been imagining mice families all over the house, and creating little lego houses for them to live in. For him, they hold no fear.

There was a little mouse Hold forefinger and thumb a mouse length apart
Who sat in a chair Place fingers in palm of other hand
And when the cat went 'Miaaaaaaow' 
He ran right up the chair. Tickle all the way up to the armpit

If a mouse runs up my arm, I will NOT be laughing.

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