Wednesday, 18 February 2009

We're listening to.......

There's such a lot of good music in the world that it just isn't necessary to listen to children's music. My lot clamour for The Kinks, Bebel Gilberto and Beck, and enjoy numerous repetitions in the car. But just because it isn't necessary is a poor excuse for not exploring original children's sings. It seems to be a boom industry, especially in the States, and there's some wonderful cds.

Our musical find of last year was a kids' cd by Barenaked Ladies (who are Canadian). This is a CD of original and witty songs for children of about 3yrs plus. Definitely good for adults too- it's the musical equivalent of those children's films where there are just as many jokes for the adults as the children.

On the US Amazon you can listen to samples- our favourites are Raisins, Allergies, My Big Sister and... well, most of them actually!

Be brave- dip your toes into the world of Snacktime!

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