Sunday, 1 June 2008

Postcode Carmen

All my singing with babies and toddlers is based on the idea that music is fun, pleasurable and comforting. I hate the idea that we should be using every opportunity to teach our children something. But on the other hand... singing is a great way to learn things that you might otherwise have to just learn by rote. As a little girl I learnt my postcode by singing it to the opening phrase from Habanera, Carmen. This might sound a little precocious but try it- it works really well! If opera's not your thing, you might be seduced by this fantastic Sesame Street video!

Sesame Street was, of course, another great example of using music to teach all kinds of things- if you're a child of the seventies (like me!) you might remember this pinball counting song too. Oh happy days! 

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