Sunday, 8 June 2008

Everything is growing apace in our garden. All the seeds that the children helped me plant have germinated and there are so many little shoots, leaves and  wisps of green. It's such a satisfying time, when you see signs of growth and life and energy, before the slugs feast on baby plants!

Our favourite seedlings have been the pumpkins. In Milly-Molly-Mandy this is called the surprise plant- and it does grow amazingly quickly. It's perfect for little people who check the pots every day for signs of growth.

The cherry stone rhyme is ideal for this time of year..... 

I had a little cherry stone (finger and thumb as if holding a stone)
I put it in the ground (putting stone onto palm of other hand)
Next time I came to look
A little shoot I found ( make a circle with thumb and forefinger of one hand and push two fingers of the other hand through it, like a shoot)

It grew and grew 
Into a great big tree (fingers grow up and branch out above head, like a tree)
And then I picked the cherries (pretend to pick cherries from above)
And ate them for my tea (...and eat them!)

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